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machine service
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Thing starts from graphene

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Stepping into the world,
new energy offers an olive branch
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about Sinaecho
Founded in 2013, The Start Carbon (Suzhou) Materials Technology Co. Ltd, is a world leading manufacturer of graphene and graphene oxide. Based on strong R&D, The Start Carbon (Suzhou) Materials Technology develops continuously new graphene products and the appropriate applications.
Starting production 201r with a pilot scale plant based on proprietary production knowledge, The Start Carbon group has a capacity of 1000 t/a. 
The Start Carbon (Suzhou) holds currently for their graphene products qualifications in anti-corrosion coatings for marine applications, in automotive tyre treads, in thermoplastics and fibres. In all cases the excellent mechanical and/or electrical and thermal properties of The Start Carbon (Suzhou) Materials Technology products, adopted to the specific needs of the relevant application, are key success factors. New products for batteries, energy storage, reinforced plastics, coatings and adhesives are currently developed.

Why us

Sianecho is located around Shanghai which is a financial center of China. That gives us a fast response to your customer site within 8 hours. With a 14-year experience, we are more familiar with machine than others. 

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